Prenatal Breastfeeding Class Orlando Altamonte Winter Park Celebration Leesburg DaytonaOur private, prenatal breastfeeding class is perfect for expectant moms who are planning to breastfeed and wish to get off to a good start with breastfeeding. Breastfeeding classes take place in the privacy of your own home and can be scheduled at a time that is convenient for you. All breastfeeding classes are taught by an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) and allow for an in-depth discussion about your upcoming breastfeeding journey. This includes: preparing your personal Breastfeeding Success Plan, the basics of a good latch, tips on positioning, and an opportunity to get all of your breastfeeding, and pumping questions answered.

Schedule Lactation Appointment - In-home Breastfeeding Help

What’s included:

  • Discussion surrounding your goals and concerns about breastfeeding
  • Help with your birth plan to include steps for breastfeeding your baby immediately after delivery
  • Help with a ‘back up plan’ in the event breastfeeding is not initiated immediately after delivery or complications arise soon after
  • Help selecting a quality pump suitable for your level of use and budget (if you have plans to pump)
  • Help creating your personal Breastfeeding Success Plan
  • Discussion surrounding latch and what to look for when evaluating your baby’s latch
  • Discussion surrounding proper positioning
  • Discussion surrounding newborn feeding cues and feeding patterns
  • Discussion about common pitfalls of breastfeeding and how to avoid them
  • Fitting for pump flanges (if you have plans to pump)
  • Handouts and information guides on latch, positioning, feeding cues, communicating with your baby, and ‘trouble signs’
  • Answers to any questions or concerns you may have about breastfeeding and pumping

Private, in-home breastfeeding classes can be scheduled any day of the week, between the hours of 8am and 6pm.


  • $125 – (a $25 travel fee applies to visits in Volusia, Polk, and Osceola county)
  • We accept all: United Healthcare, UMR, Golden Rule commercial plans, and most Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS) and Florida Blue PPO plans. To see if you qualify for free prenatal classes click here.

Email us today at to discuss your breastfeeding plans and to schedule your private, prenatal breastfeeding class.