In-home Breastfeeding Help Orlando When breastfeeding problems arise where can a new mom turn for help? If you’ve already left the hospital you may be dreading the idea of walking through those double doors again with a baby in tow. And, who wouldn’t!? After spending days (or even weeks) in a hospital room the last place you may want to go for help breastfeeding is BACK to the hospital. Between waiting for a call back, waiting days to get in for an appointment, then needing to pack the diaper bag, get yourself and your baby ready, keep baby content in the car, ensure the timing is ‘just right’ so baby is hungry at the time of your appointment, find a parking spot, lug a 20 pound car seat into the building, sit in the waiting room… you may become physically and emotionally exhausted before the visit even begins! This isn’t the ideal time to be learning new information. We know because we’ve been there.

Unfortunately, many times mothers don’t realize there is an easier alternative or their insurance company won’t pay for in-home lactation visits. We’re hoping to change all that!

In-home Breastfeeding Help OrlandoThere is a less stressful solution. Imagine comfortably resting at home before your lactation visit begins. Imagine having everything you need to get comfortable within an arms reach: YOUR nursing pillow, YOUR armchair, YOUR ottoman, YOUR environment. This is just the start to why in-home lactation visits are a more relaxed and helpful way to overcome your breastfeeding problems.

Having a lactation consultant come to your home also ensures you retain more information and can apply the techniques you’ve been shown using the “equipment” you have available to you. Many moms tell us they “forgot everything they were shown” whilst sitting opposite a lactation consultant at the clinic or they “couldn’t replicate the positions” at home because they were sat in an unfamiliar chair or didn’t have the same pillow they have at home.

Another difficulty in meeting with a lactation consultant away from home is trying to schedule a time when dad or grandma can be present to also receive the information. You may not know it now, but it is very helpful to have another person in the room with you to help remind you what was discussed and to encourage you when things get tough!

Lucky for Orlando area moms, you have a choice in where you turn to for help with breastfeeding! In-home lactation visits with Lactation Consultants of Central FL are available 365 days of the year and can be scheduled at a time that is convenient for YOU!

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