Never let cost keep you from reaching your breastfeeding goals – every mom and baby deserve expert lactation care! 

Sometimes parents are concerned they cannot afford professional lactation support and either forego getting assistance or turn to the internet for help. This can be a costly mistake.

Cost of Lactation Visit vs FormulaLactation Consultants, like other healthcare professionals, provide a valuable benefit to new families, but sometimes insurance does not cover the cost for in-home lactation visits. So, when faced with a decision between getting help or giving up, we have some “food for thought.”

The average cost for in-home breastfeeding help in Central FL is $200-$300 depending on the severity of the issues.

The cost of not breastfeeding is much higher. Let’s break it down…

  • Formula costs $0.20 per ounce (on average). Over the course of 12 months many parents can expect to incur costs upwards of $1,800 when formula feeding.
  • Bottles cost $5 each (on average). Many families will need 20+ bottles on-hand totaling $100.
  • Bottle sterilizers run $50 (on average).
  • Bottle cleaning supplies (brushes, soaps, etc.) may cost you an additional $50 (on average).

Without considering the additional cost for sick visits (because babies who are exclusively breastfed have a decreased risk of illness), NOT breastfeeding may cost you $2,000 the first year just in feeding supplies.

Let’s look at other baby-related expenses and compare those to the worth-while investment in expert breastfeeding help.

Baby care items ranging from $100-$300:

  • Infant car seat
  • Stroller
  • Crib
  • Infant carrier
  • Baby formula dispenser
  • Highchair
  • Pack ‘n Play
  • Jumper
  • Diaper bag

For many families the benefits of breastfeeding extend well beyond cost savings, but breastfeeding is a worthwhile investment no matter what your primary motivations are!

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