Lactation Consultants of Central FL offers two levels of consultative visits to choose from, depending on your need:

Basic Breastfeeding Consultation – Includes weighed feeding, latch assessment, basic troubleshooting ~ up to 1 hour

Comprehensive Breastfeeding Consultation – Includes weighed feeding, latch assessment, advanced troubleshooting (up to 3 issues) ~ up to 2 hours

Generally, we recommend starting with the Basic Lactation Consultation, then, if you feel you need more time to discuss or have a lot of questions, your lactation consultant can stay longer to be sure you are comfortable and all your questions have been addressed.

We recommend Comprehensive Lactation Consultations for moms who are:

  • Supplementing and wish to wean from supplements
  • Experiencing breast refusal or a nursing strike
  • Seeking help with breastfeeding and pumping

Have health insurance? Click here to learn how you may qualify for full reimbursement for your lactation visit.

In-home lactation consults and breastfeeding classes are available 7 days a week from 8am-7pm and in most cases, appointments can be scheduled for the very same or next day!

To schedule an appointment please either:

  1. Choose an available opening from the appointment calendar below – we will review the request ASAP and you will receive a confirmation email once the appointment booking has been confirmed!
  2. Call or text us at (407) 595-5054 – if you reach our voice mail, please leave a message – your call will be returned within 2 hours!
  3. Email us at – emails are returned ASAP!

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