Referred for a reason!

Our Certified Lactation Consultants are THE best in town, but you don’t have to just take our word for it! We’re grateful to the dozens of Central FL moms who have taken the time to share their experience and help other new moms find the support they need to reach their individual breastfeeding goals!

I reached out to Amy, on the recommendation of my pediatrician, for an in home lactation consultation. After a week of troubleshooting my way through nursing as a first time mom I decided I needed some extra help. Amy was just what I needed. She was professional and warm, listened to my concerns, gave me helpful information and was a wealth of knowledge. She stayed with me (& my husband) as long as we needed, gave me the confidence boost I needed to push through and tips and tricks for caring for me and my baby well. I highly recommend Amy Bassett and attribute much of my strength to persevere through the rough few weeks of breastfeeding to my consultation with her.

Katie Meleney

Amy saved me! My son is a month old now and first few days after he was born I was struggling with breast feeding. In was in tears and ready to give up and do formula. I called Amy and she scheduled appointment almost immediately. She gave me better advice than all 3 consultants I saw at the hospital. She left and I felt like I could keep BF. It took a couple of more visits before I was able to be 100% confident but she kept in touch and helped me through. A must if you are a first time mom.or first time breast feeding!

Brittany Adkins

I am going to be forever grateful for them and Rachel is a real blessing… I have options, solutions, and hope for the first time in this journey. I finally believe this challenge will be successful, when I felt without hope and like a failure. I will forever sing your praises and recommend to all who will listen! Thank you!!! ♥ ♥ ♥

Misty Dorff

Had an amazing experience with Amy Bassett as she guided me to feeling confident in breastfeeding, helped answer each question I had and get rid of all my qualms. She was super down to earth yet balanced it by being incredibly knowledgeable and informative, plus she was personable! Very thankful to have her help.

Aubrey Bosch

A visit from Amy is a MUST for a new mother!! My feeding was going well but I needed the stamp of approval from a professional. She helped me with things I did not think about, which has made the world of difference. Some things she improved included my position, type of pillow used, position of my baby’s arm, and elevating my feet. These simple changes I would have never improved. I’m so grateful for Amy, I am now buying a consult for all my friends who are pregnant as their gift.

Marika W

My experience with Amy was wonderful! She really helped me so much to help me breastfeed my baby! Amy was such a blessing in my life; thank you for being so understanding and so helpful!

Janeth Conte

I was having a hard time keeping my production up. Our Doctor gave us a referral to Amy. I left a message and she got back to me right away! She came to my house (super convenient ). I wish I had spoken with her awhile ago. My baby is now 5 and a half months. She set goals for me and gave a guideline of a schedule to follow. I absolutely love her. I can now keep nursing our son for a bit longer. Good news is my production is coming back!
Thank you Amy!

Michelle Brodeur

Having knowledge and support is an absolute must during the breastfeeding journey! It is hard but the most amazing and rewarding experience I have ever had. Lactation Consultants of Central FL has been there for me every step of the way. Amy came to my home for several meetings and I felt more confident each time. I have and still am overcoming issues but every precious smile from my baby girl shows me this is the best relationship anyone can ever have!!

Kristi Mitchell

Amy has helped me immensely with multiple issues during breastfeeding. So far I’ve encountered engorgement, fast letdown, and nipple damage and she has shown continued support and guidance. Amy’s knowledge of her field coupled with her friendliness and desire to resolve problems make for the best lactation specialist in central Florida. I will continue to work with Amy and highly recommend her to any nursing mothers.

Elyse Montfort

I’m writing this as my 3.5 week old infant is successfully breastfeeding after only one attempt at latching. 🙂 This never would have been possible had it not been for Amy from Lactation Consultants of Central Florida!

I reached out to Amy after 2 weeks of extreme frustration, stress & worry about breastfeeding. My daughter was having severe issues latching, causing us to spend between 10-25 minutes every time we attempted a nursing session just to get her to properly latch! I was completely overwhelmed & was crying every time it was time to feed my baby.

I had an emergency C-Section & the lengthy recovery required us to supplement with formula due to my baby’s low blood sugar. I was still determined to breastfeed so my husband & I talked with every nurse who came into our room & over a 3 day period had hour long sessions with each of the 4 Lactation Consultants from the hospital in an attempt to get her to latch. I was told that my baby is “probably one of those babies who just won’t latch” by one of the LCs & her sentiments were echoed by her 3 peers. Meanwhile none of them gave me any suggestions on how to improve our baby’s latch! I was so heartbroken. After begging for access to a breast pump I was finally allowed to syringe feed our baby some breast milk in addition to formula.

After 4 days of frustration & a total loss of 14% of her weight, we left the hospital feeling so discouraged.

We continued to supplement with formula & I nursed our baby around the clock to keep my supply up but nursing wasn’t getting any easier. That’s when a quick search for a lactation consultant on a social media group for moms led me to Amy.

I called Amy late one night & she returned my call the next morning. Her voice was warm, reassuring & calm. She listened as I explained my frustrations & she offered some great suggestions to help with latching issues. Thankfully she had immediate availability later in the day so we agreed to have her come see us in our home.

Amy arrived a few minutes early (she alerted me via text with an ETA), and when she arrived she felt like a friend who was there to cheer me on & fix my problems. I immediately felt better. She was incredibly professional & started our session by asking me about my labor/delivery/recovery experience. She listened as I tearfully explained in great detail about the disappointments & frustrations we encountered.

Amy then did an initial weight check & then observed our breastfeeding session. She had immediate suggestions that were delivered in a non-threatening way. She explained the “why” behind every single suggestion so I could understand how things could improve. Our baby latched in under 10 minutes! I couldn’t believe it!

Amy explained how to ensure the baby is getting enough to eat & how to ensure the baby is positioned correctly. She helped me better understand some of the mechanics of breastfeeding with visual aids. She did a physical evaluation of my daughter’s mouth & noticed a very slight tongue tie. Our baby’s weight was rechecked & I was so happy to know she was receiving adequate milk from our nursing sessions! I felt so relieved thanks to all of the amazing advice Amy provided me.

Most importantly though Amy gently explained that it sounded like I was a bit traumatized by my entire labor/delivery/recovery experience & my trauma was getting in the way of having confidence in my ability to breastfeed. Amy’s first priority was to ensure I was sleeping, eating & taking care of myself since I had been neglecting to do anything for “me”. I was so grateful to hear that my disappointment wasn’t unfounded.

When Amy left we shared a hug & I knew things were going to change.

A week later things are 100% improved. We aren’t professionals of course, but my baby can usually latch within 5 minutes. Our sessions are becoming easier & I no longer cry when it is time to feed her.

If you are having any issues with breastfeeding call Amy right away. You will NOT be disappointed!

Kelly Thoele

I’ll start with my situation, my 5 week old baby girl and I had been struggling with nursing since day one. She was not gaining weight fast enough, so when she was two weeks old we sought out a lactation consultant recommend by our pediatrician. When she came, she did so after her day job, seemed annoyed and like she couldn’t wait to leave. Long story short, she told us to try giving our baby a bottle after every feeding because she couldn’t remove enough milk. That was it. She was on our home for maybe an hour, and we paid for a two hour visit.

At four weeks old our baby had gained quite a bit of weight. Yay. But we were bottle feeding after nursing, she never seemed satisfied, i was pumping and nursing like crazy. We had her tongue and lip tie revisions and nothing seemed to help. Nursing was still very painful for me. At five weeks old my baby went on a nursing strike and would only take a bottle. I was sobbing on my couch while my husband fed our precious baby and I wanted to give up.

My husband contacted Amy at lactation consultants of central Florida early on a Monday morning. Within 30 minutes of him emailing her, we had an appointment set up for that same morning. When she arrived, she had EVERYTHING! Baby scale, baby doll, bottles, and bags of supplies! I was already hopeful. We started our comprehensive visit and my baby was hysterical. She wouldn’t nurse, kept pushing me away. I was crying, she was crying, it was a mess. Amy very calmly safe next to me on the couch, told us to calm baby and let her take a little nap while we talked. Amy was so relatable. It was like sitting with a friend on my couch. I was so comfortable. She herself had a baby that went on a nursing strike! She knew my pain. After letting my overtired and over stimulated baby (which Amy pointed out, she was so right!) Nap for almost 30 minutes, we started again. We got my baby to latch! My baby was weighed after she nursed and she was removing enough milk! I was elated. Amy taught us the right way to bottle feed so we didn’t overfeed our little one, and so that she wouldn’t prefer a bottle over breast. She gave us information, left us with nursing supplies, and even helped me hack my breast pump! Major bonus points because she never acted rushed or like she wanted to leave. She was there for me and my baby.

I wanted to cry when she left because I was so happy. Its been a week and our nursing journey is going strong! I feel like a different person and my baby even sleeps better! She has been amazing with responding to emails of questions I had since our visit and she actually cares. I recommend her highly!!!

Allura Olszewski

Amy has been a God send even before my son was born.

We did a pre-delivery lactation consultation in the comfort and privacy of our home. She prepared us for what to do after delivery based on our desire to BF as long as possible which was great because when he wasn’t latching because he was too sleepy possibly delivery we knew what to do. During this consultant I found out she is also a sleep consultant which I had lots of questions about as well.

A few days after coming home I had her come over again and she really helped to get us settled while my milk transitioned from colostrum to milk.

Now almost 2 months in she us supporting us with sleep training and I couldn’t be happier to have her.

She is a wealth of knowledge and since our first consultation has been available night and day via phone and text to answer any questions and help us troubleshoot through growth spurts etc.

I would recommend her anyone – new mommy or not!!

Alex Mookerjee

I did an in–home lactation education class with Amy when I was pregnant, and she was beyond helpful from the start. In my opinion our one-on-one session was better than a group class because I got to ask questions that were specific to my knowledge level of breastfeeding. She showed me positions for holding baby, what to look for in a successful latch, and how to avoid giving my baby formula at the hospital if medical staff pushed me in that direction. She even offered to come to the hospital if I needed her help. Shortly after giving birth I asked Amy back to my house to check my baby’s latch and make sure we were off to a good start, and this was another great experience. A few weeks down the line my child’s weight dropped below the 1st percentile, I had a very fussy baby on my hands, and I didn’t understand why things were unraveling. The baby’s oral motor skills were too weak to be able to suck properly. Amy came back to visit us again and offered tips for helping the child transition back and forth from breast to bottle feeding and offered support when I really needed it. She checked in with me almost daily to find out my little boy’s weight gain, and took the time to answer any questions I had through text. Eventually I had to switch to exclusively pumping breastmilk for my baby, and Amy gave me amazing tips for how to maximize my pumping and make my life easier since I was doing “double duty.” Now that feeding is under control and my boy has gained weight Amy is coming back to help us with sleeping issues. Amy is an incredibly devoted and highly informed lactation consultant whose passion for what she does is transparent in her personable approach to babies and mommies alike. I recommend her to all the moms I know!

Katherine Stacy

Amy was able to come to my home the same day that I called. She made sure that myself and baby were very comfortable at all times. We learned a lot and truly appreciate the help.

Megan Cotrell

Amy was a life saver after my son was born. As a first time mom I had no clue what I was doing. I’d signed up to take some classes during my last month of pregnancy but my son had other ideas and came a month early via emergency c-section. He was transported to Nemours Children’s Hospital in Orlando which was 2 hours away. My husband and I went and stayed with him. I was trying so desperately to pump and nurse bit I was getting absolutely nowhere. Amy came and met me in my son’s hospital room and spent 2 hours teaching me sooo much! She made it a point to get to know me and I felt very comfortable with her right away. By the time she left, I had pumped enough milk for an entire day of feedings. I also had the knowledge and the tools to continue to provide for my son. I give her so much credit for his recovery and believe if I hadn’t called her, things could have gone very wrong for both of us. My husband and I are forever grateful to Amy for all of her help.

Becky Goodner

Amy was an absolute lifesaver when it came to breast-feeding and helped me out beyond words!

Amanda Strickland

After an already painful beginning, our three day old had a sudden and ongoing refusal to nurse. Concerned about keeping her weight loss from growing worse and having doctors wanting us to supplement with formula (she was just a hair above a 10% loss) we began pumping and ultimately using a bottle. In addition to the psychological effects on mom and bonding, now we were concerned about ever being able to return to the breast after these interventions. The Lactation Consultants of Central Florida website impressed us with its professionalism and thoroughness and gave us hope we could make nursing work–and soon. We were very pleased to see from the online booking that we could get help virtually right away. Our two hours with Amy from Lactation Consultants of Central FL was money well spent as she had us and our little one fixed up and returned to exclusively nursing (no more pumping for now!) right away. Three days after our consult you would never know our newborn had a five day strike! At our consultation, Amy was very kind, gentle, and willing to answer all our questions, and demonstrated the same professionalism and thoroughness in person that we had perceived from the website. We highly recommend Lactation Consultants of Central Florida to anyone preparing for breastfeeding or having struggles at any stage of their journey!

Erin Sutliff

I can’t thank her enough for making a frustrating, painful, (and potentially embarrassing experience of getting help) totally comfortable. I wish I had thought to seek help sooner, and I certainly wish I knew about her years ago when nursing our son. She was kind, encouraging, and knowledgeable. The home visit was insanely amazing- not to mention she works weekends. I cannot recommend her enough. Not only have our nursing issues resolved, but after only one day, our daughter is more willing to be with others and is sleeping more by herself thanks to our visit. (I think because she is able to get more milk more quickly due to a few adjustments in our nursing). If you are struggling or have questions please call her today. My only regret was waiting so long to call.

Nicole Duslak

Amy was amazing! She came to our home and took the time to answer all of our questions and concerns. She made me feel comfortable and explained new techniques easier for my son and I. I would recommend her to all mommies.

Stephanie Croston

I wish I found Amy sooner! Issues; poor latch, no weight gain, weak suck, falling asleep when nursing.

I was running in circles with my LO’s Pediatrician Office seeing multiple doctors and lactation consultants to identify why nursing was not successful. I even went to a Oral Motor Specialist for his weak suck that the Pediatrician claimed he had. LO was on week 4 of age with no improvement. I was exclusively pumping and giving in a bottle. I wanted to exclusively nurse. After still being optimistic l I googled local LCs in the area and seen Amy as the best option. I am so glad I did! She came to my house with all her tools and asset my LO. Turns out it was not a weak suck at all, he had lip tie. I had no idea what that was. She was very detailed and referred me to a few Pediatric Dentistry Offices. I went to get the lip tie and tongue tie removed and then next feeding my LO had a great latch and was getting milk on his own. I am so thankful for Amy’s knowledge and passion. She even reached out to me after the tie revision to see how it went and if I had any questions for her. Great customer service and very satisfied client here!!

Andrea Fick

Amy is sweet, knowledgeable, and excellent at what she does! Getting an appointment was fast and simple! We felt more comfortable with the tie revisions our baby needed after our session with her!

Ashleigh Hunt

From day one Amy has been my main resource for nursing help and support. She not only helped me increase my milk supply but also increased my confidence as a mother. She has done amazing things for me and will do the same for you!

Anna David

I am so thankful for Amy at Lactation Consultants of Central FL! My 8 1/2 month old son went on a nursing strike and I found Amy while googling. I then ended up reading Amy’s story of her little one going on a nursing strike. When I called, Amy answered the phone and I cried. She was so encouraging and helpful! She even kept following up with me after our phone call. We made it through the nursing strike and I know I wouldn’t have made it without Amy’s help!

Sarah Parker

My son and I had a painful start with breastfeeding, so I reached out to Amy. She came out to our house and worked with us on getting a good latch, shared positioning tips, and answered a ton of questions.

We are going strong on our breastfeeding journey thanks to Amy. She’s been a great resource when questions have come up and is really supportive. I highly recommend her to any mama needing help or reassurance!

Heather Lujan

I would definitely recommend Lactation Consultants of Central Florida. Amy was extremely helpful during a challenging time in any mom’s life. She’s very knowledgeable, supportive, and kind. It was also wonderful to have someone to call or text at any time with breastfeeding questions. I wasn’t able to breastfeed my first son but have been able to do it with my second!

Amanda Breed

I called to schedule an appointment after I had been exclusively pumping for the last 10 weeks. My baby had a NICU stay and I had been mostly unsuccessful at getting him to breast directly. With the return to work looming I was really hoping to get that direct connection with my LO. I called and spoke with one of the lactation consultants and she was tremendously supportive. She sent me a link with some helpful hints and told me very honestly that it would be hard but to keep trying. After the weekend of breastfeeding every 2 hours she reached out to see how I was doing. I did not end up needing her services, I was able to get him to breast!

Her advice and encouragement were invaluable. So kind and compassionate. I would definitely recommend if you are having lactation concerns!!

Candace McKinnon

I recently had a wonderful experience with Amy Bassett, CLC, IBCLC. She came to my house in Winter Haven to work with me and my 5 1/2 week old daughter. I have been having a lot of soreness and pain, and felt like we were having latch issues. I wanted so desperately for breast-feeding to work, and was beginning to become disappointed that it might not. She worked with us so patiently and kindly, and never made me feel stupid or inappropriate. She was supportive and funny, and made me feel so very comfortable. She gave me several great tips and tricks, and it really made a world of difference. Our nursing time is now so much better. My daughter is doing well and I’m loving our bonding time. Amy saved us! I am so very thankful and appreciative of this kind woman and her professionalism. Thank you Amy!!

Jodi DeVries

Words can not describe how priceless having a lactation consultant come to your house the first week or two after having the baby is.

Amy came to my home when I was 15 days post partum. Baby and I were doing pretty good to just OK nursing. I was having a problem nursing on my left. It was much more uncomfortable because of a shallow latch and the way I was holding the baby. Neither one of these issues really stood out to me. It was the lactation consultant who noticed that I was holding baby just slightly different with my left than my right. This prevented the baby from getting a deep latch and nursing well. She showed me how to sit more comfortable and how to hold baby and relax my shoulder.

She spent about an hour, slightly more maybe, showing me how to nurse and troubleshooting issues. She told me about breast shields for my pump that are more ergonomic for comfortable pumping. She weighed the baby before and after nursing to see how much milk he was transferring. She wrote down all the key points of our visit with some tip to try. I’m very thankful to Amy for helping me and teaching me how to better nurse my baby. We just celebrated 6 months of exclusively breastfeeding! I honestly don’t think that we would have made it this far without Lactation Consultants of Central Florida’s help.


Maria Crider